Hands-Free Pool Maintenance Options

Having your own pool means doesn’t only fun, but it also entails hard work. And this hard work means pool maintenance. Aside from products such as automatic pool cleaners, there are amazing products and chemicals available in the market that can make pool maintenance easy for owners.

Below are a few of these products from Katchkid that can work well on by themselves.



AquaPill is an amazing chemical that’s used for pool maintenance, may it be for commercial or residential pools. The AquaPill has a time-release delivery system, which disperses the chemicals over time.

This product is placed in pre-filled and ready-to-use capsules. Pool owners will just simply place these capsules in the pool or the skimmer basket, without having to measure or mix anything. The chemicals will gradually disperse in the water treating the pool.

The AquaPill is designed to make sure that the appearance and water quality of the pool are maintained. It has a number of applications such as removal of algae, winterizing, pH maintenance, clarifying and removal of stain and scale.

Using AquaPill regularly will ensure that your pool water is sparkling clear.

Leaf Bone Skimmer Clip

Leaf Bone Skimmer Clip is another simple and useful product made to hold your leaf rake net and skims debris, bugs and leaves floating on the surface of your swimming pool utilizing the natural circulation of the water. Pool owners know that pools attract bugs, grass, leaves, pollens and other debris during Spring and Fall. Pool skimmers are made to skim down debris going into a small basket, which is quickly filled and may clog up the water return. If left unattended, like when you are working or on vacation, this can lead to pump or motor damage.

The Leaf Bone Skimmer Clip is perfectly designed to deal with the big debris and leaf accumulation in your swimming pool. It will not only reduce your time in cleaning your pool, it will also help protect your motor or pump.

Sea Klear Mighty Pods

Sea Klear Mighty Pods are amazing and potent pre-measured bags that can make pool maintenance easy. This product is made from natural crab shells and is great at eliminating cloudy water, oils, phosphates and accumulation of scum. Sea Klear Mighty Pods are very easy to use, simply place them into your pool or skimmer basket and after 24 hours, your swimming pool will be clear.

The amazing thing about the products mentioned above is how easy they are to use. Whether if they are made from a simple clip or crab shells, the best thing about them is that they get the job done and reduces pool maintenance for many pool owners.

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