Summer Home Waterproofing

Summer can be a great time to make sure that all the Victoria BC waterproofing measures you are taking are working. From strong rainy season and winter snow, you need to ensure that your house is protected from these hazards. So below is a summer checklist to ensure that your house is properly waterproofed:


1.       Make sure that your roof gutters are clean. A roof gutter that’s filled with leaves and other debris can clog it when the rainy days come and will result in water spillage going to the foundation of your home.

2.       Check your home for water leaks and fix them. May it be a simple roof leak, damaged shingles, a loose roof, a dripping pipe or your roof is missing, make sure that you fix the problem or have a professional do it for you.

3.       Check the grading surrounding your house, make sure that the land is sloping away and not towards your house. If the land is sloping toward your house, you need to have it regraded.

4.       Check your sump pump. If you want to prevent water leaks inside your house, make sure to test and check your sump pump. You can do this once a year for best results. During strong rains or storms, you can test your pump more frequently. By doing this, you can prove that the status of your sump pump.

5.       Make it a habit to check your sinks, showers, toilets, and baths are properly working without leaks. Also, make sure that you place exhaust fans in bathrooms and over stoves, look out for signs of damp or mould, check for wet patches on floors, walls or ceilings, replace seals of frames and if possible place dehumidifiers on damp parts of your house like laundry rooms and bathrooms.

6.       Make sure that you turn off and disconnect hoses or other sources of water that you don’t need in the fall. This way, you will prevent pipes from bursting and freezing as temperature drops.

7.       When in doubt, just call a professional to help you with any assessment. After having a professional check and fixed areas in your house that have a problem you can do a follow-up check after the first rains so see if everything is okay. Evaluate your garage, exterior and interior areas also for any leaks.

If you just follow the checklist above, then you are making sure that your home is protected during the fall and winter. If problems do persist likes a broken pump, leaks and other water damage, you should contact a waterproofing professional like Wet Coast Drainage immediately.