5 Tips to Prevent Carpet Mold

Preventing mold growth inside your home is essential because of the health risk it poses. In spite of being careful and keeping an eye out for mold growth small patches are bound to appear. Not only are walls and wooden items prime targets for mold growth your carpets with the moisture and dirt they attract can be breeding grounds for mold. Here are 5 tips to help keep carpets free of mold.

  • Control The Humidity Indoors – It’s not only water puddled in carpets that encourage mold growth excess humidity is a problem as well. Because mold spores reproduce in

humidity you want to keep indoor humidity conditions below 60%. Indoor temperatures

should be kept below 80 degrees and you may want to consider installing a dehumidifier

If you live in humid areas.

2)  Remove Carpet From Mold Prone Areas – Consider removing carpets in areas of the

home such …

How to Prevent Moisture from Damaging Your Items in a Self-Storage Facility


When using a self-storage facility, you are responsible for everything that you put inside it. You can access it any time you want and you can remove the items that you need. It is just like having your own house where everything is under control. One of the main issues when using a storage facility is that there could be moisture issues. As weather changes outside, the items inside are also affected. Though some storage facilities have temperature control, moisture is still inevitable. There are things that you can do though to prevent this problem.

  1. Regularly check for leaks. Leaks are a huge enemy of the items you place inside the storage facility. When there are leaks, you won’t just worry about moisture, but flooding as well. The storage facility must be kept sealed and closed. If you have noticed leaks, you have to fix them right away. You can