5 Tips to Prevent Carpet Mold

Preventing mold growth inside your home is essential because of the health risk it poses. In spite of being careful and keeping an eye out for mold growth small patches are bound to appear. Not only are walls and wooden items prime targets for mold growth your carpets with the moisture and dirt they attract can be breeding grounds for mold. Here are 5 tips to help keep carpets free of mold.

  • Control The Humidity Indoors – It’s not only water puddled in carpets that encourage mold growth excess humidity is a problem as well. Because mold spores reproduce in

humidity you want to keep indoor humidity conditions below 60%. Indoor temperatures

should be kept below 80 degrees and you may want to consider installing a dehumidifier

If you live in humid areas.

2)  Remove Carpet From Mold Prone Areas – Consider removing carpets in areas of the

home such as basements or bathrooms that are more likely to experience excess

humidity or water leaks  The chance of flooding caused by storms, rising river or ocean

overflow or washing machine failures make these areas more likely to encourage mold


3) Choose Antimicrobial Carpet Underpadding – When installing new carpeting choose a

rubber stab carpet padding which is less prone to develop mold and bacteria. The extra

costis a good investment to help prevent mold growth especially if you live in humid


4) Remove Standing Water As Soon As Possible – It only takes a small amount of water

and time ( 24-48 Hrs ) for mold to start growing. Anytime you experience water damage

remove the water and dry the carpet even in the case of a small spill or leak. Check for

moisture under the carpet and padding, if it’s a flooding situation carpet may need to be

replaced depending on whether it’s tap water, grey water or sewerage.

5) Keep Carpets Clean – Weekly vacuuming using a good quality vacuum cleaner is a first

step in preventing mold growth. Dirt and dust are mold food and regular vacuuming will

remove their food source. Carpet cleaning should be done frequently as well using a dry

foam which will lessen the amount of moisture your carpet absorbs.

If you have been the victim of a flood in Calgary recently and require the services of a mold removal company contact our office at Extreme Quality Restoration Services.