How to Prevent Moisture from Damaging Your Items in a Self-Storage Facility


When using a self-storage facility, you are responsible for everything that you put inside it. You can access it any time you want and you can remove the items that you need. It is just like having your own house where everything is under control. One of the main issues when using a storage facility is that there could be moisture issues. As weather changes outside, the items inside are also affected. Though some storage facilities have temperature control, moisture is still inevitable. There are things that you can do though to prevent this problem.

  1. Regularly check for leaks. Leaks are a huge enemy of the items you place inside the storage facility. When there are leaks, you won’t just worry about moisture, but flooding as well. The storage facility must be kept sealed and closed. If you have noticed leaks, you have to fix them right away. You can seek help from the company that owns the storage facility to fix the problem.
  2. Pack all of your items. It also helps if the items you store in the storage facility are wrapped. This will protect these items even more. Even if there are moisture issues or weather changes, the items will remain unharmed, as the wrapping will keep them safe.
  3. Check the humidity level. You need to ask the owner of the storage facility regarding the humidity level in the area. According to experts, it should be below 50%. If it goes higher, then it could affect the items inside as the possibility of moisture increases. If the owner can’t guarantee such a humidity level, then it would be better if you look for other options.
  4. Use charcoal. Charcoal has a property that sucks up moisture. You just have to place charcoal inside the storage facility to help remove moisture. It also helps eradicate foul smells. You can place charcoal in bags or buckets so it won’t just be scattered around the area.

Moisture is definitely an enemy of any items you choose to store inside a storage facility. It helps a lot if you can fix this problem before it even begins. You have to find the right storage facility at the right location. You also have to ensure that if there are issues, you can report them to the owner right away so that they can do something about them.

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