Best Color Trends for Summer

2017 comes with thrill and curiosity for newer trends when it comes to interior design colors. A number of interior painting companies Victoria BC have already showcased their palettes and directions and also exhilarating predictions in colors.

The color combination that you will pick for your home will help in setting the tone for your entire home, which makes it ideal to update them as a new season comes. And seeing that there are amazing color combinations trends for the summer, there are a lot of new ways to overhaul the tone of your home for the summer.


Black and Mixed Metallics

Black may not come into your mind when you consider colors for the warm months of summer, however, times are changing. Dark colors are, in fact, among the hottest color trends for the summer this year. When used in the bathroom to the kitchen, black provides that bursting effect in unusual spaces in your home. You can combine them with hues of gold, silver or copper to create a stylish look.

Hot Pink and Turquoise

If you desire a bolder and brighter design, hot pink and turquoise are great choices. Using hot pink and turquoise can give energy into any space in your home. One advantage of using this color combination is its boldness that it disregards the need for additional decoration to produce a chic impression.

Peach and Yellow

Since sunset hues are making a great impression in 2017, it’s no wonder that the color combination of yellow and peach are also paving waves for summer in many homes.

You can also add accents like small pieces of decorations or throw pillows by painting a statement door and adding an audacious rug. Either way, you will have a happy home.

Purple and Turquoise

If you have a space in your home that’s being feeling flat, then you can try the combination of purple and turquoise to renew the vibrancy of that space. The combination provides a cool tone that works perfectly in bed spaces; however, there are no exact rules when it comes to designing the space, so feel free to try anything that you think suits you.

Crisp White

Just like white laundry hung on a clothesline, using brilliant white in your interior can give it a fresh and clean looking look for the summer. Use your white backdrop and you can decorate with your favorite accent pieces or make a monochromatic design by making the room an all-white palette.

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