Landscaping Service Role in Home Improvement Services

Are you thinking about home improvements but don’t know where to start? Consider these things. There’s no doubt many home improvements will increase your property value. Do all home improvements give you the same return on your investment? According to a study done by Money magazine, “not all improvements will increase the value of a house by the amount they cost to perform.” They show addition of a swimming pool has a recovery rate of 20%-50%, bathroom remodeling 20%-120% and kitchen remodeling 75%-125%. The best home improvement for return on your investment is landscaping with a return of 100%-200%.


Several studies have been conducted, and landscaping is consistently at the top of the value chart. Those studies show that investing 5% of the property value on quality, low-maintenance landscaping, increases property value by 10%-15%. A landscaped patio alone can increase property value by 12.4%. In addition, proper placement and installation of shrubs and plants can reduce heating and cooling bills by 20%. Good landscaping can shorten the duration that a home is on the market, by as much as 6 weeks and certainly adds curb appeal. The benefits of quality landscaping are not only economic, but environmental as well as health and social.

There are three things that you, as the homeowner need to determine. The first is the scope of the project; that is what you want to do. Do you want a patio or maybe a pond, fencing or special lighting? The second is the detail. What materials do you want? Do you want brick or does stone appeal to you more? The third thing to decide is your budget. Knowing two of these, however, will control the third. There are so many options and to resolve them; it might be a good time to consult with some experts.

The benefits of landscaping are increased when licensed professionals are used. This includes a landscape architect, a landscaper contractor, as well as a landscaping service to handle maintenance. A professional landscape design and install is not only a great investment. It is a work of art. For that reason, a landscaper contractor or architect should be the first consideration. He or she will initially inspect the entire area, consult with you, make recommendations, and design a plan.

Once the landscape has been installed, the landscaper can now begin the maintain it. A word of cautions here; unfortunately, not all landscapers are professional. Some do nothing more than push lawnmowers. Seek out a licensed, professional landscaping service. Have the peace of mind in knowing that your new landscape is in qualified hands. One major issue is the use of pesticides to treat your lawn. Be pro-active and protect your investment by using organic-based products that will not harm your children or pets.

Landscaping your property is an important investment as a homeowner. It is a wise investment if it is done properly. We are the best and affordable Landscape Contractors & Designers in Toronto; if you need landscaping services then you can contact us.