The Gospel Choir Was Amazing

When we decided to have a party for our church, I knew that we did not want to have our church volunteers have to give up their time to do anything. The women’s ministry usually does the cooking for all events, and the sound booth workers handle all the audio and visual needs. The choir handles all the worship songs, so we have everything covered for a regular event. However, this was not a regular event as we wanted to honor them. I did a search for party entertainment hire because I was hoping to be able to find a DJ who would play Christian music for us.

I had already handled the catering through a local company, and another church was sending it’s sound booth crew to handle the tech needs. No one knew of any good DJs though, which is why I took my search online. I knew that I would be able to find someone good that way. I just was not expecting to find a gospel choir! When I found a company that hires out all kinds of musical entertainers, I was surprised to see that they have four gospel choirs that will come out to events and perform.

The sizes of the groups are different. The smallest group has four members, while the largest has 30 singers in it. I wish I could have hired all four groups, but we only had the need for one. We went with the smaller group of four, and they were phenomenal. They sang songs that we had grown up with, plus they had several modern worship songs that got everyone in the mood to praise our Lord. Now we are going to have to have at least three more events so we can hire the other three gospel choirs so we can hear them too!