Secretarial Services Are Critical for a New Company

My brother wanted the two of us to go into business about five years ago. I knew that we would eventually get to that point, but I wanted to have some much needed experience under my belt. I did not want to learn the trade and make mistakes with no oversight at all, and he agreed that this was the best way to proceed. Fast forward to this last year, and we both knew we were ready to make the move. He showed me what he had planned, including hiring out the company secretarial services that we would need for our new company.

I did not learn very much about that side of the business world, but he had experience with it because of the job he had taken on. He knew that we needed to have a secretary within six months of our company being incorporated. Rather than wait until we were at that point, he had done all his homework. He even had the company picked out that he wanted to use for these services. He had looked at many, but there was only one that he felt comfortable with after reading their business websites and looking at reviews from others who have used these services too.

Because this person is in charge of so many important things, it was critical that we bring on only the best of the best. This person is in charge of filing company documents, updating the company’s registers, prepare certain documents, draft resolutions and so much more. The company he chose has a stellar record, and that is why we went with them. The secretary we are using is knowledgeable about so much more than we even knew would be required, and we have been grateful for his input from the very first meeting we had with him.