Acupressure and its Role in Improving Your Digestion

We all have suffered from the most common digestive problems from time to time, I am talking about acid reflux or even better known as heartburn! These are quite common problems, and if you do ever suffer from heartburn from time to time, its not a matter that is so serious it requires medical attention. However, if you or a loved one does tend to suffer through heartburn regularly, there may be a deeper issue. a chronic condition is known as GERD in the medical field often causes severe pain in the chest, accompanied by a strong burning sensation. Often more simple elements are at play causing digestion issues, these include

  • Bacterial infections
  • A poor diet
  • Dehydration
  • overly stress
  • Digestion inflammation

Although common over the counter medications and antacids can help to reduce and counter these types of chest pains, it’s not in your best interest to be reliant on drugs from large pharmaceutical companies! There is luckily another option which is of the natural variety and means you can take the drug-free approach to your treatment, this is acupressure or using an acupressure mat to help with your digestive issues and acid reflux.

Acupressure and its Role in Improving Your Digestion:

Acupressure is an offset of traditional Chinese medicine, healing practises that have been used for thousands of years to help the body achieve optimum harmony and health. Transitional chinses medicine views the body as a vessel or two opposite yet connected forces (the yin & yang) that can be influenced through trigger points across the body. This technique is called acupressure and simply is the practice of using pressure to trigger and stimulate points, it is through the use of acupressure that digestive disordered can be treated.

Below are 3 different pressure points on your body that can be stimulated to help with a variety of issues within the digestive system! Remember, to stimulate the pressure point just simply apply a small amount of pressure with your thumb for 2 – 5 minutes, repeat this twice a day for 2 weeks to see maximum results, or invest in either an acupressure mat or wristband to get maximum results.

P6 or PC6  (Nei Guan)

Pericardium 6 (PC6 or P6) is a pressure trigger point which can be found on the inner side of your wrist. Studies have shown that stimulation of this pressure point can help with nausea as well as morning sickness!

LI 4 or Intestine 6                                                                 

You can find this pressure point on either of your hands, in between the web muscle between your index finger and thumb. This pressure point when stimulated is known to help with indigestion as well as migraines. Please note the LI4 is not recommended for women who are over 3 months pregnant

LV 3 or Liver 3

This third and final pressure point can be located on the top of either foot, between the muscle web between the big toe and second toe. Stimulation of this pressure point for 2 minutes a day during menstrual cycles helps to decrease cramp, pain and discomfort significantly.