Choosing the Right Pool Cleaner for Your Pool

Cleaning your pool is a necessity but is something that most pool owners would like to do less of – after all, relaxing next to the pool is so much nicer than scrubbing it! Luckily, there are automatic pool cleaners available which are designed to take over a lot of the hard work and there is an option to suit every pool. Let’s take a look!

What types of automatic pool cleaners are available?

There are three main types of pool cleaners which are available to you – suction, pressure and robotic. While these three types of pool cleaners are very different, all of these options mean less scrubbing for you which is a definite bonus! If you’re someone who struggles to keep your pool clean due to lack of time or you just don’t particularly want to spend your spare time manually cleaning, an automatic pool cleaner could be the perfect investment.

Suction pool cleaners 

Suction pool cleaners are the best known form of automatic cleaner – they’re probably the ones you remember from your childhood. Suction cleaners connect directly to the filter of the pool and use the pressure of the water to move around the surfaces on the pool collecting dirt and debris. Some models have their own filter bag but most use the skimmer basket in your pool.


  • Budget friendly – suction cleaners are a cost effective option for most pools which means they suit individuals with a smaller budget.
  • Easy installation – suction cleaners are simple to install. You just connect it to your pool’s skimmer box and let it go to work.
  • Simple to repair – suction cleaners tend to be easily maintained and can generally be left in the water without any issues. Replacement parts also tend to be inexpensive. 


  • Pressure on the filter – suction cleaners connect directly to the skimmer box which means it places additional pressure on the pool filter. This means that the suction of your skimmer box is severely reduced with the introduction of a suction cleaner. 
  • Extra maintenance – with suction cleaners, you need to be on top of backwashing your pool filter and emptying your skimmer basket to ensure it can continue to clean effectively. 

Pressure pool cleaners 

If you’re looking for a little extra power in an automatic pool cleaner, pressure pool cleaners are a great option. They offer more powerful suction and often have an additional booster pump which connects to the pool wall. If your pool already has this connection, a pressure pool cleaner will fit right in. 


  • Good for any shape – pressure cleaners will work for any shaped pool thanks to its ability to get into tight corners without any trouble. 
  • Perfect for large debris – If your pool has trees overhanging or tends to accumulate large debris, pressure cleaners are a great option as they cope well with larger debris. 


  • Complex installation – if you don’t have a pressure line in your pool to accommodate a pressure cleaner, installation can be complicated.
  • Strain on filter – as with suction cleaners, pressure pool cleaners place pressure on your pool’s filtration system. 
  • More maintenance – pressure cleaners require more maintenance compared to suction cleaners as the onboard bag needs to be emptied regularly. 

Robotic pool cleaners

When it comes to advanced technology and functionality, robotic pool cleaners are at the top of the line when it comes to convenience. Robot pool cleaners have an electric motor which creates suction to remove dirt and debris from the pool. They move around on wheels or tracks and use low voltage power to operate.


  • Advanced technology – robot pool cleaners use advanced technology to provide superior cleaning power. They can map the layout of your pool which ensures no missed spots or getting stuck in corners.
  • Independent filtration – robot cleaners have their own filtration system and all accumulated dirt is collected in a separate bag. This means your filter is able to operate with no added pressure.
  • Saves on power – robot pool cleaners are highly efficient which means they can save you money in the long run on your electricity bill. They also tend to clean a lot more quickly the traditional automatic cleaners. 
  • Customisable – most robot cleaners have a range of program options available which means you can customise your robot depending on what you need.  


  • Higher cost – compared to suction and pressure cleaners, there is a higher initial investment when you choose a robot cleaner.
  • Need to be removed from the water – if you’re used to pressure and suction cleaners, you’re probably used to leaving them in the water 24/7. However, you do need to remove your robot cleaner from the pool after each use and hose it down.

How do I choose the right pool cleaner?

The type of pool cleaner you choose depends on your pool, budget and lifestyle. For example, if you’re on a budget then a suction pool cleaner might suit best but a robot pool cleaner is more likely to be a smarter long term investment. If you’re not sure what type of pool cleaner is right for your needs, the best thing to do is go into your local pool shop and speak to a pool technician. They can show you the various models and advise you as to the best brands.

If you’re ready to purchase a new pool cleaner, Pool Assist can help. We stock leading brand pool cleaners and our friendly team can point you in the right direction when it comes to the right automatic pool cleaner for your commercial or domestic pool. Pool Assist also offers expert repairs and maintenance to ensure that your pool cleaner continues to operate at its best. Whether you’re having issues with your pool cleaner or simply want a service, give us a call.

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