How to Get a Rustic Bathroom

There is no doubt that the rustic look has become a huge hit. With its reminiscent cottage look you can get a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your home. In particular, bathrooms in this style look amazing and you can easily replicate this look without having to splash the cash. If you are a fan of vintage or shabby chic interiors, then a rustic bathroom might be exactly what you are looking for. So, lets take a look at some of the ways you can get this look in your bathroom.


If there is anything that is truly iconic to the rustic look, it is that it takes inspiration from nature and the great outdoors. Because of this, the colours you should use for your rustic bathroom should be deep and natural colours with a relaxed and peaceful vibe. If you’re worried that the darker, earthy tones will be too overwhelming, try instead using beiges and creams to lighten things up. The darker colours look best when used as floor tiles, so keep this in mind when you are trying to add depth to your bathroom.


We have mentioned before, but if you like vintage you would love a rustic bathroom. For accessories, go to a vintage or a second hand shop and choose your favourite aged pieces for your bathroom. Old jugs and mugs are perfect as they can also work as great decorative items. Since the rustic look is all about the outdoors, you can use fresh or fake flowers flowers to give that natural touch. Don’t forget about storage, where you have plenty of possibilities. A favourite item with designers right now is vintage wooden crates that make for beautiful shabby chick shelving. Another way to use wooden crates is to place them under the sink which is perfect if you have a small bathroom or are tight on space.

Slate Tile

If you are looking for new tiles to complete the look, there are lots of styles that can match this theme. One of the most popular is the metro tile, its vintage look matches a rustic bathroom perfectly. In terms of colours, look for creams and greens to give a more country charm sort of look. A pattern tile also up to the job thanks to its traditional aesthetic that can be paired with vintage and wood accessories. Since darker colours are perfect for rustic floors, another great option is the black slate tile. But there are many other options like a limestone or natural stone tile that would also give a classic touch to your bathroom. Natural tiles like these have plenty of texture and character so complement the room nicely. Wood is another great natural material, but unlike stone, wood can’t handle temperature fluctuations. But don’t worry, you can use wood effect tiles to get that same gorgeous look with all the practicality of a tile.