How to Get a Rustic Bathroom

There is no doubt that the rustic look has become a huge hit. With its reminiscent cottage look you can get a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your home. In particular, bathrooms in this style look amazing and you can easily replicate this look without having to splash the cash. If you are a fan of vintage or shabby chic interiors, then a rustic bathroom might be exactly what you are looking for. So, lets take a look at some of the ways you can get this look in your bathroom.


If there is anything that is truly iconic to the rustic look, it is that it takes inspiration from nature and the great outdoors. Because of this, the colours you should use for your rustic bathroom should be deep and natural colours with a relaxed and peaceful vibe. If you’re worried that the darker, earthy tones will be …

Five signs that your windows need replacing

Windows do not last forever, but a high-quality and well-maintained window should be good for 20 years or more. If your windows are several decades old, it is a good idea to pay attention to any problems so you know when they will need to be replaced. Here are five key signs to watch out for:

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Damaged, warped or broken windows

If your window has a small issue, such as needing a new weather strip, a repair may be best. If a window is damaged or warped, however, it is most likely not closing properly and letting in drafts, so a replacement would be beneficial.

House makeover

Windows affect the overall appearance of your house, so replacing or updating them can make a huge difference. Check to see if windows are looking tired and damaged; repairing or replacing them can freshen up the exterior and interior appearance of …