How do you know if your windows have failed?

If you’ve been living with your current double-glazing for some years now, you might think that they feel and look ok but there are some tell-tale signs that all might not be well with your windows and doors. It could well be time to replace them with more efficient, newer double glazing. It could be that you’re unaware of what signs to look for to check if your double glazing is no longer performing as it should. Here are some of the things to look for:

Water leakage

The most obvious sign of a problem is if you discover a leak coming into the property through the frame. When water comes through the frame, it’s a sign of a possible failure with the weather sealing on the windows. It might also be a problem with blockages in the draining section which is effectively trapping the water inside. Any visible gaps on the frame are a definite sign that immediate repair or replacement should take place as the sealing is probably broken.

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Scratches, cracks or holes

Signs of serious damage, such as scratched frames or glass, holes or cracks need attention as soon as possible. These are normally a good indication that your current double-glazing has outlived its purpose and it’s time for some repairs or replacements.


Condensation is an annoying issue that is caused by inadequate ventilation and temperature differences between the interior and exterior of the windows. This is common with older style double glazed units, as the windows don’t regulate the inside temperature of your property effectively, leaving you continually adjusting the heating to compensate. Installing more energy-efficient modern windows will help you to keep more control of temperature, with your windows working for you and not against you.  For Double Glazed Doors Company Evesham, visit

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Temperature Problems

As mentioned above, older double glazing that is failing might become evident by the constant need to adjust your central heating or air conditioning. Newer windows are far better at controlling the levels of hot and cold air you want circulating in and out of your home.

If you live in an older home and have windows and doors that are more than 15 years old, you should seriously consider replacing them for the more efficient ones that are available today. Not only will you notice a difference to your comfort, but you’ll also see the benefits in a reduction in your energy bills. If you suspect that your windows have failed, then don’t leave the problem too long or you could end up with condensation leading to damp, which is smelly, unhealthy and not nice to look at either.