Preventing Leaks by Reducing Stress on Pipes


As a home ages many materials and systems can be subject to potential problems all homeowners should be aware of. One of the issues that could occur with the home’s plumbing pipes due to aging is leaks within the system. The good news is that there are some steps you can take to experience any problems in the future so you don’t have to call a plumber.

Lower The Water Pressure

Having great water pressure throughout your home is a big plus because you’ll never experience inefficient appliance performance if they use water or be stuck in a lousy shower. While optimum water pressure is good in many ways it can overtime seriously affect the pipes, faucets and valves of the plumbing system if you don’t check the following:

  • Measure the water pressure by calling a local plumber or purchasing a hose bib gauge
  • Water pressure should register between 40 and 85 psi any higher readings should be lowered by means of a pressure regulator.
  • Remember if you have low flow shower heads and faucets installed they do not lower water pressure but just control how much water is dispensed.

Soften The Water Itself

The softness or hardness of your water supply is another factor that can affect how well your plumbing pipes fare over the long term. Areas that have hard water can result in a buildup of magnesium and calcium sediment inside pipes. One thing this will directly affect is restricted water flow and even corrosion of the joints and fittings that keep pipes together.

  • If you are on a well water system have the water tested or check the previous report. Any levels over 140 parts per million is considered hard water and should be addressed.
  • Inspect shower heads, faucets and any surfaces near plumbing fixtures for white colored buildup and stains, a good sign of hard water.
  • The surest way to deal with hard water and prevent problems is having water softener installed. With many sizes and models to choose from the water hardness and size of a home will be a factor.

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