Tips to Make Laundry Day a Breeze

Most people dread laundry day and don’t look forward to the mountain of laundry they will have to spend near an hour sorting before they can even begin washing. The amount of work that laundry day dumps on us all is enough for a lot of us to want to boycott wearing clothing. However, don’t despair, hope and help are on the way in the form of tips and shortcuts to take the dirt out of laundry day.


It’s All in the Sort

One of the most time-consuming chores associated with laundry day is the mountainous pile of laundry that grows as we carelessly throw worn and dirty clothing onto an eclectic pile of odds and ends clothing. We leave all the work to the one day that we plan on washing, making the whole task a tiring and work intensive chore. Believe it or not, laundry day should start way before you actually wash your clothes. Every day, your dirty clothes should be sorted into different categories. This literally cuts the work in half. The washing process becomes much quicker when you commit to sorting a little bit every day. You also get to begin the washing process much quicker. Daily sorting takes no more than a few minutes and should be done the minute you take your clothes off. Separate your colors from your whites and also separate your delicates. Your sorting is done within minutes and you haven’t broken a sweat.

Pretreat Pesky Stains

After you’ve separated your clothing pretreat any stains by using a stain remover. While your clothes are sitting the stain remover can go to work breaking down dirt particles. By the time you laundry day rears its head, much of the stain removing work will have been done. Follow this process daily as you undress and separate your worn clothing into the proper color pile. All you will have to do come laundry day is put the correct color load in the washer and the machine will do the rest. You don’t have to have the latest washer and dryer set on the market to maintain clean and stain free clothing but if you’re in the market for a new set look for an appliance store that sells quality washers and dryers for sale York PA.

Laundry day doesn’t have to be a total drag. Take little measures every day to take the labor out of the whole process. Take the time to separate clothes and pretreat stains daily. Add to this effort by separating your delicates from both your colored clothing and your whites. This will make it easy to simply drop and load your washer in a jiff. Laundry day can be a cinch, go ahead and tackle those clothes. You’ll find that within a few hours you’re back to relaxing and enjoying the rest of your day.