Property Investment That’s Fun


If you are a property owner and would like to both satisfy your inner child and make a return when you go to sell your home then you might want to think about investing in your own garden pub shet. With limitless options available you can create your own custom garden pub shed to suit your likes.

There are only a few steps need to be taken before starting out on this project. The first of which is getting around the government zoning issues that are abound with any building project. You need to first contact your local government office that deals with building plans and inspections. You will need to find out the specifics on whether or not you will need a building permit to start construction. Certain considerations such as if the structure is mobile or not will affect its classification so be sure to check all angles before committing to a design plan.

Choosing the overall style of your pub shed should be something you take your time at. If you are very interested in a certain theme or lifestyle then you should tailor make you pub shed to match your personality. Also you should consider who might be stopping by to enjoy your project with you. Many people who have built their own garden pub shed will often take it to social media so prepare yourself for the onslaught of people that will want to come over to see what you have created.

You also need to consider whether or not its form is going to overtake function or vice versa as there are may angles you can go with this. For example if you are into brewing then you might want to dedicate a large portion of the overall structure to the fermentation and bottling aspects of home brewing production. If you are mechanically inclined then also a certain space should be selected to house whichever project with be undertaken inside your pub shed.

Being cost effective is paramount with any building project and and finding ways to cut costs but not quality can be a challenge. You can use many old and discarded things as both decoration and as a building material. Reclaimed lumber and old pieces of hardwood are great to add character to your place with minimal efforts going towards restoration. Old wooden wagon wheels and old boat oars are classic examples of reclaimed materials. If it is an ocean theme then you can collect drift wood to add as decoration or even selvage pieces old old wrecks to mount on the wall. Sand blasted glass bottles also go well with the ocean themed pub shed. The use of hot forged hardware will also add a unique vide to the atmosphere.

After going through and finding out what you have to do to satisfy the government’s needs and you have chosen a style that you want to go with then you need to think about the actual construction. Adding decorations is one thing however power tool operation is another so if you are not certain about your abilities with construction be sure to seek out the applicable help or hire a professional contractor.