Try these hacks for an organised fridge

The most common complaint people have about their fridge usually concerns food waste. We’re all familiar with those pesky items that get shoved to the back and forgotten, or the unidentifiable leftovers that nobody really remembers even putting in there, never mind when!

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But there’s more to worry about with a disorganised fridge than that, as not only does mess equal wasted time locating the one item you really need, it can also disguise dirt, or provide opportunities for unwitting food contamination.

Whether yours is a tabletop, family size or catering fridge, take control and get it organised with these nine simple hacks.

Hack 1

Use baskets to store items from the same food group, like fruit, cooked meats, and cheese. They are easy to stack, remove, replace and clean.

Hack 2

Label the inside doors (and baskets) so everyone who uses the fridge knows where to find, …