What Is Anti-Graffiti Coating and How Does It Work?

Modern cities all over the world have come to welcome and even encourage street art. These murals often help enhance how a neighbourhood looks and can even contribute to local culture and tourism. However, graffiti and vandalism are another story. If you deliberately deface government or private property, no matter how artistic you feel it might be, it’s a violation of the law. While there are laws in place to punish vandals, owners are still left with the problem of removing the graffiti from their properties.

How Do You Protect a Wall From Graffiti?

Some property owners turn to nature to help deter vandals. For example, they let ivy or other creeping plants cover the walls. Planting thorny vines and bushes like roses or bougainvillea in front of walls is also a common strategy, which comes with the bonus of being visually pleasing. There are also those who use walls, …