Most Important Plumbing Features to Inspect Before Buying a Home

Many people look at the simple aesthetics of a home and don’t realize that there are many other factors that ought to be considered before putting down money on what is likely the largest purchase in your entire life. One of the most overlooked problems is in the plumbing Victoria BC department. Plumbing is often an out of sight – out of mind issue because the pipes will likely be hidden from view only to be found by a homeowner after a deal has been signed. Plumbing fixes can be incredibly expensive and so doing due diligence and checking various features before you buy the home can save you lots of money in the long term. So what are some of the most important features to check when it comes to your potential home’s plumbing?

Water heater

This is a big one because many people forget that water heaters actually need maintenance and sometimes even replacement about once a decade. If you have an ancient water heater then it is likely long since time it was serviced. Old water heaters are also far more likely to leak and extremely old water heaters can even have had their safety mechanisms fail over the decades leading to potentially catastrophic results.

Also, looking at the location of your water heater is also important because if your water heater were to be damaged or leak what would it leak onto? Would it ruin carpets, rugs, or hardwood and tile? Taking all these things into consideration, you can see why it is important to have a professional licensed plumber inspect your water heater before you buy.


This is again one of those out of sight – out of mind kind of issues that can potentially cost you big money if it becomes your problem. Sewer lines are prone to collapse, especially if the sewer lines are older or undergo stressful environmental conditions like freezing and thawing on a regular basis. Sewer line collapse can be a potentially huge issue for your home but it is almost impossible for you to know about or to check yourself. This is why bringing in a professional plumber in Victoria who can send a camera down the sewer line to check the sewer line for cracks or any potential future issues is a great way to save yourself future financial heartache.


Toilet leaks can often be subtle and are most easily seen and identified with discoloration around the base of the toilet.  If the rot has gone deeper, then soft wood or rotten wood around the base is a good indicator that your toilet may be leaking. Toilet bowls also should not have any give to them so if your toilet moves from side to side or rocks as you get on or off then it is likely to develop a leak if it does not have one already. Having a professional plumber come and take a look can not only let you know about the cost of getting the problem fixed but also determine whether you might need to replace the toilet entirely.