Why Start Building Your Home in Winter?

How many people have the dream of building their own home and are often anxious to begin the process? However, there are several things to consider about the benefits of building in the winter as opposed to the far more popular summer. So what are some of the good reasons to getting the process started in the winter here in Victoria BC?

Location, Location, Location

Individuals who visit a beautiful lot on a warm sunny day while the birds sing in the air may be totally enamored with the location only to find come winter that it’s actually a quagmire of mud and insects. The truth is, since you will be living in your home all year round it behooves you to check on that lot at some of the least opportune times.  Then you’ll have a better idea of what you will actually be living in long-term and whether this is a suitable location when the weather is poor not just when the weather is good.

This can even include things like accessibility or views. The road up to your lot may not seem all that difficult during the summer time but try driving that exact road under normal winter conditions and you will find out if it is a drive you want to make for the rest of your life. We don’t get a lot of snow in Victoria but when it does snow, it’s a pain because of how unprepared we are. The drivability, accessibility, and feasibility of your ideal lot in winter are all important reasons to begin this process then and inform yourself under less-than-ideal conditions.


This is a step that many people forget and that is unless you’re paying cash out of your pocket, which few people are for their home, then financing can take time. Most financing takes between 30 and 60 days which means if you started the process in January or February you might be breaking ground by the springtime. This is important as getting your financing in order is essential before any construction or even hiring can begin. By doing a lot of the legwork and paperwork early, you ensure a swift and easy transition into the physical summer work.

One of the other benefits of getting all your paperwork done during the off-season is because it allows you to contract and hire your preferred company or Victoria BC custom home builders in advance and not be trying to do it at the last minute when everybody else has already contracted with them for the summer.

Gives You Time

You’re probably only going to build your dream custom home in Victoria BC once but starting the process during the winter gives you additional time to make sure that you are creating the home of your dreams. Knowing the different design features, talking them over with your contractor, pricing things out and getting them ordered are all far better to do before building ever starts than during the process.

When you are finding yourself against crunch-time, it is easy to choose to cut corners on your preferred designs or spend more money to get it done quickly so you can be in it before the weather turns. By starting in the winter time you give yourself extra time to make sure that you have created the home of your dreams before ground is ever broken.

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