How to host an awesome party

Great it right and you’ll feel great; get it wrong and it can be highly embarrassing. Hosting parties can sometimes seem like more effort than it’s worth, but by following a few simple steps you can give your bash the best chance of succeeding and being remembered as one of the most awesome parties ever!

Firstly, plan ahead. This is the golden rule and will keep things ticking over nicely, rather than leaving you with a mad rush to get everything sorted as the big day looms. The key things to plan ahead for are:


The Guest List:

Make a list of all the people you want to attend your party and be aware that not everyone will be able to make it. Highlight the guests that you most want to be there as well as the people who will have to travel long distances to attend, and invite these guests first. If the party wouldn’t be the same without certain people, ensure they can attend before setting a date. For all other guests, two weeks before is an ideal time to send out invitations.

The Theme of the Party:

A reason for the party will always help attendance. Things like engagement announcements, birthdays and going away parties are such examples. If you don’t have a reason, create a theme. This will make it easier when you’re sorting out the decorations and dress code. Some great theme ideas include fancy dress parties with the theme as a letter (like S if your name is Sarah) or a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, where guests can dress as characters from the Alice in wonderland book. A black tie, glamorous theme can also be great fun too; provide your guests with a glass of champagne (or cava!) on arrival to set the mood.

Food and Drink:

You can tie your food and drink into the theme of the party for added effect. If you choose the Mad Hatters theme, bake or buy lots of different cakes, and ice a few with the words ‘eat me’, and label bottle of drink ‘drink me’. Display the food in an attractive manner; bright, varied colours look great, as does fresh, tasty food displayed on coordinated crockery. When it comes to planning ahead, get all the non-perishable stuff as soon as you can, and prepare dishes that will keep chilled or frozen several days before the party to save you rushing at the last minute.

Everything else:

A few days before your party do a walk-though, identifying any other things you need to buy or do. Thing’s like fresh soap and clean towels are a must, as is plenty of loo roll! The little things can make a big difference. Check you have contents insurance to cover any breakages.

When it comes to the day of the party itself, get ready early. You don’t want to be half-dressed when the first guest arrives – that’s guaranteed to get you flustered! Set up the music and pour yourself a drink. Remember, even the best laid plans got to waste, so if something does go wrong just laugh it off and enjoy yourself!

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