Replace or Renovate? Let’s sort out! Disturbance


The first and foremost reason to drop the idea of the new sash window installation are the inconveniences this process brings. At the very least, you’ll have to find a new window which will suit your house exterior, remove the original window, prepare the window niche for a window with the new parameters (extend/constrict the existing aperture) and finally install the item.

Imagine how many days you’re going to spend controlling the process, and how much discomfort – hassles, noise, mess, dust – it will create.

On the contrary, sash window renovation is a fast, seamless procedure. It may be conducted for a single day, eliminating the need for searching, buying and installing a new casement. The result of the professional sash window repair is the long-lasting perfect condition of the timber window without any troubles with its weathering.

Renovate Your Home – Increase Your Home Value

If you’re planning on home renovations, the good news is that the changes you make can increase your home’s value. And that’s great news if you love HGTV and you have a host of changes you want to make. Use these tips to help you get started!


Home Renovation Ideas

Easy landscaping changes for more curb appeal

A great place to start with home renovations is right outside your door! That’s because landscaping changes can increase your home’s value by 10 to 15%, according to Home Mortgage. Take a trip to Home Depot, Walmart, or Lowe’s and check out their outdoor center. Easy changes include mulch, walkway/pavement stones, and shrubs. While these projects might take you a full day or the whole weekend, a little mulch goes a long way! Mulch gives your home a well-manicured look and you can see the value increase in no time.

Lawn care …