A décor inspired by Hollywood

Have you ever dreamed of a décor like something out of a Hollywood movie? If you’re drawn to all things glitzy and glamourous, then you’d probably like to know exactly what a Hollywood Regency style really means and how to achieve the look inside your own home.

What is Hollywood Regency?

Think of Hollywood and you probably picture red carpets and elaborate decoration. Set designers over the decades have influenced interior design significantly and this style incorporates an eclectic mix of eras, timeless elegance and of course, touches of indulgent luxury.

It is everything you’d expect from Hollywood – glamour mixed with high-shine finishes, luxurious fabrics and glittering metallics. Elements of Art Deco and mid-century modernity co-exist to create a deliciously heady combination of modern, sensual, bold, uncluttered, timeless and dramatic décor.

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Why choose Hollywood Regency?

It’s a perfect look for those seeking to invest in classic furniture and furnishings but with the addition of some vibrancy and ease of switching out cost-effective decorative items to mix up the look whenever they feel like it.

It has a huge scope for freedom of personal expression.

It is a great alternative to bohemian styles, allowing homeowners to channel their creativity in a more minimal way.

Perfect for those seeking a softer, more sensual and luxurious feel to their furnishings.

Even though the look contains nods to a variety of eras, it’s a theme that doesn’t look retro.

It is an easy look to achieve, cost-effective and never goes out of style.

How do you achieve Hollywood Regency?

  • Keep a neutral background and look to enhance any special architectural features in a room
  • Keep to a central colour scheme – a palette of black, white and grey is indicative of this style
  • The main focal points should be drama and luxury
  • High contrasts
  • Choose mid-century furniture for the clean lines and uncluttered aesthetic which can be contrasted with high shine surfaces and accessories. Consider iconic pieces that have made it onto the silver screen themselves, such as the Egg Chair from a site like Pash Classics
  • Consider lush fabrics such as faux fur, silk and velvet
  • Combine mid-century furniture with pieces form other eras such as Art Deco and even extravagant items like Louis IV chairs for the ultimate opulence.

When it comes to accessories, as this theme isn’t locked into to one particular era, some fun can be had in exploring what looks right for a playful, unique take on Hollywood Regency. Some textures to consider would include high-shine lacquered items, marble, stone and crystal.

Accessories can make a big impact on this theme if you stick to the clean, handsome lines and uncluttered surfaces, as the accessories become the place where drama is created, statements are made and certain elements come to life. Whether you choose vases, candlestick holders, mirrors, ceramic figures or marble ornaments, this is an area to enjoy and have fun. The ideal Hollywood Regency décor is like finding layers of assorted precious discoveries!