Maximize Your Custom Home Investment

When you have a custom home built it gives the homeowner complete control over every aspect of your new home. Working with a Victoria BC custom home builder means you can create a home that suits your lifestyle and taste. If you decide to sell at some point the location, style of home and finishes are all great selling features. Meanwhile you are enjoying a home that has a lot of added value because you’ve put a lot of thought into each element of your new custom built home. Below are some points to consider that will increase the value of your home.

Choose a Prime Location

How many times have you heard location, location, location even the most amazing home needs to have a prime location that fits your interests and down the road when you decide to sell. When choosing the lot or area for your new custom built home think about the activities that you and your family enjoy during their weekends. Maybe you like to golf and rather than spend time travelling to your favorite course you’d like to have one nearby. Weekends spent out on the  water skiing or sailing mean you will want to live in close proximity to a lake or the ocean. The amenities that you have nearby will add extra value when the time comes for a custom built home appraisal.

Build a Home With Great Curb Appeal

With so many styles to choose from such as traditional to farmhouse chic you’re sure to find one that appeals to your taste. Each has unique features and creative spaces which often makes determining the resale value of a custom built home challenging with no way to compare it with other homes. Homeowners can increase the value of their custom built home with your sense of style and features other families will benefit from as well. As for the outside it’s important to be sure the home has plenty of curb appeal to attract buyers when the time comes.

Good Design Selection Increases Resale Value

A home with a versatile floor plan featuring no steps and a bedroom downstairs will appeal to many more buyers. Thoughtful choices in colour, materials and finishes as well as building an energy efficient home with ample storage will increase the appeal and value of your custom built home.

A custom built home that hits all these points will provide your family with years of enjoyment while increasing the value of your investment when you decide to sell. Contact Hughes Construction for more details.