What’s The Buzz Around Stainless Steel Handrails?

Stainless steel handrails and tubing has taken the world by storm. From being used almost exclusively in modern home and building construction and remodel, to being employed by skilled artists and craftsmenkeenly, these products are definitely revolutionary. Still not sure what the buzz is about? Here are a few facts that might change your opinion:


  • Plastic railing cannot compete with regular steel tubing, because it lacks durability, aesthetics and over-all quality.Maintaining alternativeslike wood and plastic is a lot more intensive than you might think.
  • Stainless steel handrails can be polished and maintained extremely effectively by using an appropriate polish and cloth, whereasregular steel often demands a thorough anti-corrosion treatment followed by a new layer of paint. Plastic pipes, though more affordable, will become costly if you have to repair broken and damaged ones constantly.
  • Due to stainless steel’s integrity, lower quantities are needed to match the structural strength of the